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Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s good to be informed.

Buying or selling a home creates new stressors that aren’t found at any other time, and some of those stressors can be overwhelming. However, with our team at Precision Home Inspection on your side and a professional full home inspection, you’ll feel much better about the next steps you need to take in the process.

Full Home Inspection in Raleigh, North Carolina

Even if a house looks great from the outside, there may be problems going on inside. A full home inspection can find problems with the structure, the plumbing, or the electricity that you might not notice on a quick walkthrough. For buyers, this means dodging surprises down the road that will cost a lot of money. On the other hand, sellers can take care of any problems before they list their home, which makes the deal go more smoothly.

As a buyer, if you decide to move forward despite issues that are found, a full home inspection report gives you useful information that you can use to help you negotiate. For instance, you can secure a lower price or ask that any required repairs be made prior to closing.

A full home inspection can help you understand issues beyond the condition of the roof or HVAC system as well. Our team is trained to look at safety and code regulations, ensuring the home you’re currently living in or the one you are considering purchasing meets the standards.

Getting a full home inspection is an investment that makes sense, whether you’re buying or selling in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Call our team today to schedule yours.