What Can a Foundation Inspection Uncover?

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What Can a Foundation Inspection Uncover?The cornerstone of a sturdy and secure home is a strong foundation, which is why our team at Precision Home Inspection offers professional foundation inspections. These inspections are essential for preserving the structural integrity of your home and increasing your peace of mind.

During a standard foundation inspection, we’ll look for some common of these common issues:

  • Cracks in the Foundation: Evident cracks in the foundation are often signs of deeper problems. We scrutinize these cracks, which can vary in size and orientation, to see whether the source is typical settling, soil movement, or a more serious structural issue.
  • Water Damage and Drainage Issues: Water buildup around the foundation and improper drainage can cause serious damage over time. In addition to assessing the efficiency of the existing drainage system, we look for indications of water damage, such as moisture, mold growth, and erosion.
  • Uneven or Sloping Floors: During a foundation inspection, we examine the internal floors in detail to find any slopes or unevenness. If any are found, it could be a sign of foundation settlement or other structural issues that need to be fixed.
  • Bowed or Leaning Walls: Bowing or bending foundation walls may indicate the presence of external pressure from water, tree roots, or dirt. A home inspection evaluates the degree of bowing and pinpoints the underlying reason.
  • Foundation Heaving: When the earth beneath the foundation swells, it pushes the foundation higher and causes heaving. This vertical movement may cause structural instability and cracks. During the foundation inspection, we look for evidence of heaving and make recommendations for stabilizing the structure.